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30 November 2009 @ 09:09 pm
Throw rocks at me, i'm a very bad LJ friend !  

So for a good long while i've nto been able to get on LJ as my computer was going hayyydinger ! But luckily it's letting me back on and i've bee nreading all your awesomeness :D. Since the last time i posted anything of substance A LOT has happened so this may be a slighly long post. I'll try and keep it as short as i can.

I started my new college - Glasgow College of Nautical Studies (who also do acting :P). That was in August and i'm absolutely loving it :D. My college friends are just lovey and so like me ! it's scary :P. Our entire class get on really well. We've done one performance so far. It was for community drama which as you would gather, is going out into the community and performing something to them. Usually a school, fire station or something similar. But no not ou class. Our lazy lecturer left it too damn late so we ended up doing ours in the college defeating the purpose of 'Community' drama ! It was to be about student life at first and ended up turning into student safety and equality because the college is mainly about equality apparantly. I didn't really like it and it didn't feel like acting because i was playing a student of 18 years old (what a stretch). But anyway, we ended up kinda enjoying the final performance becuase we just made the best of it. So all ended well.
I'm learning all sorts at college which is putting me in good stead for auditions or drama school. Overall, it's great :D. And i'm off on a friday -epic!yay as i work late on thursday night.
Bringing me nicely onto my nxt topic :P

Work- I have left the bitch of a boss at Alex & Co / Eastex !! :D I hated her and just couldn't bare working with her. So i went to one of the managers in dbenhams who is literally the concession right next to eastex. She's manager for Jacques Vert, Windsmoor, Precis Petite and Planet. She is lovely and i thought if she could give me a job that would be perfect. She said that i was a great worker and she'd be more than happy to take me on. BRILLIANT !!! :D
The day i handed in my notice was brilliant ! The bitch boss decided to say that she was glad i was handing it in because she was going to 'sit me down' and possibly fire me anyway (what a cow, she'd never said anything unti i whapped out my notice!).Said i wasn't right for the job and was like 'You aren't suited for retail, are you ? it just doesnt work for you eh?'. I told her the hours weren't appropriate however, the week after i turned up at my new job, right next to my previous job, with the exact same hours i had before ! My new boss is fantastic. She's lovely, will go out of her way to make sure you're happy with rotas etc. She always does the rotas on time,always has chocolates and you can just have a chat with her ! The people i'm working with, i knew already so it's a dream working with them. Lts of late nights now as Debenhams are opening every night till 8pm, 9pm or 11pm. But it's fun.So having a brilliant time at work too.

My birthday was in September too :D i was 18 - awoooohoooo !
My dad was lovely and surprised me with a trip to london for the weekend during the September weekend. It was BRILLIANT ! :D
We went on saturday morning. Flew from Prestwick to Stanstead and got the train to the city centre. We stayed where my mum and i stayed last year. At the Kingsway Inn Hotel, it's lovely. And get this - there was a mix up with the rooms so instead of us getting a double room and a twin room, my mu and dad got the double room and Fraser and i got THE EXECUTIVE SUITE nonetheless ! :D It was so big and lovely. I was in heaven :P. We went and did the tour of the Tower of London during the day and the weather wa actually beautiful, the sun was shining and i got a lttle bit of a tan too ! :D. We had a lovely lunch, did the tour, then went back to the hotel to get ready for going to see Oliver. Which was AMAZING ! We were in the grand circle and thy were brilliant seats. The whole show was great, Omid Djalili did a great job of Fagin and added in loads of wee jokes to it. And Jodie Prenger was fantastic as Nancy. I voted for her on I'd do Anything :D. Fraser waited with me at the end as we went to the stage door. I met Jodie who was just lovely. So down to earth and just had time for everyone. My dad took a picture when she was signing my script so was like 'i got the photo it's okay' and Jodie shouted ' oh no we weren't posing hold on we have to get ready. *pretended to fix her hair* and then pure pulled me i to her to get the photo :P. I absolutely love her. S othat's Catherine Tate, Amanda Redman and Jodie Prenger i've met. All i need is Hermione Norris and that's basically m list of actresses who i would love to meet ! :P.
The Sunday was fabulous aswell. We met some family friends for lunc at covent gardens. we just sat and had a lovely meal and a great chat. We had such a laugh and the weather was pure bliss. Just sunny, no wind no clouds, just sun. The rest of the weekend was great too.

Oh i'm applying to all my drama schools etc just now so it's uber busy time. College is busy at the moment with panto, i've got tonnes of written work and debenhams is keeping us busy with later opening times. Hence the reason i might not be on as regularly as i used to. But i will still keep up with everything :D Chloe and Lucy, i can keep in contact with you through text cause i have your numbers.

That's really all i've got to report apart from that i'm still on my 'losing weight' thing and doing quite well. I lost a lot of weight then managed to put some back on over October (grrr to myself for that) but i'm steadily losing it again so hopefulli'll lose a lot before christmas, and more for my auditions in January/Febuary kinda time. And it's almost December - YAY ! i only get christmassy in december so i'm excited for tomorrow. Got myself a wee advent calender aswell ! :D

Oh last thing, can anyone wanting a christmas card plese PM me your addresses as i only have Chloe and Lucy's. Anyone feel welcome, no matter where you are, you're all worth it :D.

Comments are like Christmas - i LOVE EM ! :D
much lovage


Jennifertime_converges on December 1st, 2009 01:49 am (UTC)
I'm glad to see you! You have been busy - lol. :)